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UFO hunter blames aliens for sheep killings in Wales

A council worker who claims to have seen a UFO flying over her home several years ago has accused aliens of being behind the recent deaths of two sheep in the Cambrian mountains in Wales, reports

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Helena Worth, 41, says she is an “amateur scientist” and a UFO enthusiast who believes that extra-terrestrial life is responsible for the mysterious mutilations of livestock in the area.

The sheep were found skinned and with precise cut marks, which Helena says are not consistent with an animal attack or a human intervention. She also notes that there were no footprints around the carcasses, suggesting that they could have been dropped from above.

She said: “With cattle and sheep mutilations it’s always very precise cut marks or something an animal couldn’t do. And there often aren’t any footprints up to the animal, so there is no evidence humans are responsible so maybe it could have come from above.”

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The local farmers have been reporting similar incidents for years, and some have speculated that a big cat could be roaming the mountains and preying on the sheep. However, Helena dismisses this theory as implausible, and argues that UFOs are a more likely explanation.

She said: “A cat would have left it a mess, which is why I and others believe a UFO could be to blame for these sheep mutilations in Wales.”

Helena became fascinated with aliens after she claimed to have witnessed one flying over her home several years ago. She said: “I saw a bright light moving very fast across the sky. It was not a plane or a helicopter, it was something else. It was amazing.”

Since then, she has been researching UFO sightings and collecting evidence of alien activity. She said: “I think there are UFOs out there, and I think they are visiting us. I don’t know why they are here, but I want to find out.”

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To support her claims, Helena has quoted some experts and witnesses who have also reported seeing or studying UFOs in Wales. She said: “According to Nick Pope, who used to run the British government’s UFO project, Wales is a hotspot for UFO activity.

He said: ‘There have been some fascinating sightings in Wales over the years, some of which remain unexplained.’ He also mentioned the famous incident in 1974, when a huge explosion was heard in the Berwyn mountains, and some people claimed to have seen a UFO crash-landing. He said: ‘This is one of the most intriguing UFO mysteries in Britain.'”

Helena also cited a local farmer who had a close encounter with a UFO in 2016. She said: “John Williams was driving his tractor near Llanilar when he saw a bright orange light hovering above him.

He said: ‘It was like nothing I had ever seen before. It was silent and it moved very fast. It followed me for about a mile and then it shot off into the sky.’ He said he was scared but also curious about what it was.”

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