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UFO filmed live from the ISS in low Earth orbit

This UFO appeared in Earth orbit on April 20, 2016 and this is really unique footage, especially in that the ISS usually interrupts the live broadcast when a UFO appears.

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But this time the person responsible for video control apparently “overslept” and thanks to this we can see these incredible shots.

The UFO appears on the right side of the frame and moves at a certain speed in orbit, but then it slows down and completely stops.

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The UFO stands in one place for about 30 seconds, and then abruptly changes its direction of movement, practically it changes its flight path by 90 degrees. And after flying a certain distance, it again changes its direction of flight.

Then the UFO makes an incredible acceleration and flies out of the frame, rushing to the left side of the screen.

If this is not proof of the presence of UFOs in Earth orbit, then what more proof is needed? And there is no need to even stutter about “space debris” or “satellites” or “secret terrestrial vehicles”, none of the above is capable of performing such maneuvers and accelerations in the Earth’s orbit.

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