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UFO Encounter with Fighter Jets in Michigan: Eyewitness Accounts

A group of four people in Bad Axe, Michigan, reported witnessing a bizarre aerial encounter between two F-16 fighter jets and a UFO earlier this month. The incident was also submitted to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC), an organization that collects and investigates reports of unidentified flying objects.

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One of the witnesses, Christopher Bilbrey, who is a military veteran who served with the 304th Expeditionary Signal Battalion in South Korea, said he and his companions were helping him move his camper in a parking lot across from a grocery store when they heard a loud noise from the sky. They looked up and saw two jets circling the sun, apparently looking for something.

Bilbrey said he then noticed a white/metallic disc that was hard to spot because it was reflecting the sunlight. He said the disc seemed to hide from the jets by flying in front of the sun. He described the disc as extremely fast and agile, capable of overtaking and outmaneuvering the jets with ease. He said the disc would stop and spin in the direction of the incoming jet, and the jet would fire anti-missile flares as if it was under attack.

This scenario repeated three times, Bilbrey said, before the jets flew away in retreat. The disc remained in front of the sun for a while, then flew north toward Lake Huron. Bilbrey said he tried to record the event with his cell phone, but the glare and the altitude made it impossible. He also said that for four days after the sighting, the jets returned to the area at the same time of day, but the disc did not.

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The origin and nature of the disc are unknown, and no official explanation has been given for the incident. The local police department said they did not receive any reports about it. If the jets were F-16s, they could have come from the 180th Fighter Wing in Toledo, Ohio .

Below is a full report:

Quiet afternoon no signs of planes it’s, 10 am, in the parking lot of the storage unit across from Miejers. Myself, my wife and 2 Co workers were helping move my camper! Suddenly ear shattering afterburner on 2 what I think were F-16 or F-22 were flying together whilst dogfighting something I couldn’t see at first.

They would circle fast as they could looking intently for something. Circling the sun around about 2 or 3 times and suddenly there was this white/metallic disc hard to see because it was shining with the sun, it seemed to hide in the sun from the fighters, whom obviously couldn’t see it.

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The UAP was extremely fast it was capable of overtaking and outmaneuvering the fighter jets with extreme ease. It would overtake a jet, stop suddenly and seemed to turn toward the incoming jet like spin in there direction without moving. The jet would shoot out anti missile flares like it was under direct attack. The UAP was also comfortable to just spin again and make the next jet flanking shoot its anti missile flares!

There was clear distress. The fighters took off together repeating this attack approximately 3 times before taking off in an ear shattering retreat. The UAP sat in the sun a moment longer and seemed to circle the area almost as in a victory lap, it then departed with absolutely no sound in the complete opposite direction as the fighter jets had flown.

To be clear when the UAP was stationary and the jets had flown away every time the 3 attempts and the retreat the only clear sound of a airplane was the fighters who seemed to be intercepting this sudden threat. I did not see if the UAP had shot anything I could define as a weapon. And the fact that the dogfight happened almost entirely in the rays of the sun my galaxy s22 ultra was not able to get anything other than a blinding glare and noise.

If anyone else was witness to this event we encourage you to contact us.

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