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UFO, Cross-Sign or Jesus? Mysterious object filmed over California’s skies

In recent months, the United States has become a hotspot for UFO sightings. The latest incident involves a puzzling video captured above Sequoia Park in California, further fueling speculation about extraterrestrial activity, secret government projects, and even religious interpretations.

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The footage, which surfaced on social media, shows an unidentified object resembling a human figure floating slowly in the air. While some suggest it could be a person, others debate whether it’s a UFO, a hologram of Jesus, or possibly linked to the controversial Project Blue Beam.

Project Blue Beam, known for its secretive nature and alleged manipulation of events, adds another layer of complexity to the mystery.

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The individual behind the camera expressed uncertainty, stating, “It has something on its side, it looks like a person with his arms sticking out. It looks like a person almost. It appears like a person but it’s an anomaly.”

The video quickly went viral after being shared on Instagram, amassing over 50,000 views and sparking a flurry of reactions from social media users.

In the midst of these varied interpretations, the mystery of the object above Sequoia Park remains unsolved.

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