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UAPs may be evidence of ancient Cryptoterrestrials secretly living on Earth

A new theory by researchers suggests that among us live the remnants of an advanced ancient human civilization that managed to survive.

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Aliens living among us and secretly piloting UFOs or hiding underground sounds like a science fiction movie script. However, in fact, this is the content of a new article by scientists about the existence of “crypto-earth creatures”.

In a new paper, a team of scientists from the Harvard Human Flourishing Program and Montana Tech University argue that there might be intelligent crypto-terrestrial creatures living on Earth, hidden from human eyes. They are believed to live underground or in the vicinity of our planet, for example on the Moon.

The study’s authors suggest that these intelligent crypto-terrestrial beings may in fact be responsible for many unidentified aerial phenomena typically attributed to intergalactic aliens. Note that the scientists’ work has not yet been peer-reviewed and published as a preprint, reports

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Scientists also believe that “crypto-terrestrial beings” could potentially be UFO pilots. They are believed to represent the remnants of an ancient, advanced human civilization that was largely destroyed long ago, such as by a flood, but has continued to exist as remnants.

The authors of the article claim that these ancient superhumans may live in volcanoes or deep under the ocean. Moreover, the team claims that the remains of this ancient civilization seem to have been exposed by Albert Einstein’s former assistant, Dr. Shirley Wright, who claimed that she and the boss were invited to examine ” biological entities” recovered from a supposed UFO in 1947.

Nearly 50 years later, Wright revealed that the pilots were actually just humans, but in an “advanced form.” Wright also claimed that this type of superhuman still lives among us, but lurks beneath the surface of the planet.

In their article, scientists also claim that there are several subtypes of crypto-earth creatures. For example, these could be highly developed primates or reptiles that store their flying machines under volcanoes.

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Researchers claim that the Popocatepetl volcano in central Mexico and Mount Shasta in California are “hot spots for UFO sightings” and have therefore been identified as possible “habitats” of ancient and intelligent creatures.

At the same time, reports by naval personnel of unidentified underwater objects moving at incredible speeds have sparked speculation that some of the crypto-terrestrial creatures may actually live on the ocean floor.

In their paper, the authors also cite claims from Harvard astrophysicist Avi Loeb, who was not involved in the new study but has previously argued that the Moon may actually be a crypto-Earth base and home to a variety of creatures and their spacecraft.

However, the team also claims that the pilots of most UFOs can hide in plain sight and are aliens who have mastered the art of merging with humans.

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A The authors of the new work acknowledge the many shortcomings of their assumptions, but insist that the idea should not be completely rejected. According to the study’s authors, the probability of crypto-earth creatures existing today is only about 10%, but it is not at all impossible.

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