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Two US hunters may be the first to die from “zombie deer disease”

The United States has seen its first two fatal cases of human infection with what’s colloquially termed as “zombie deer disease”. Two hunters shot an ailing deer in the forest, consumed its meat, and tragically succumbed to fatal brain damage.

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The disease, officially known as chronic wasting disease (CWD), earned its eerie moniker due to its symptoms, which mirror those of a zombie-like state. Infected animals exhibit lethargy, difficulty walking, drooling, lowered head posture, and a lack of fear towards humans.

The degeneration in sick animals is slow, often spanning a year from initial infection to death, but the outcome is invariably fatal. Similar to mad cow disease and sheep scrapie disease, CWD is caused by prions that target the brain.

Initially identified in the United States in 1967, the disease has since spread to other countries, with the number of infected animals growing alarmingly.

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Until recently, it was believed that CWD posed no threat to humans. However, one of the deceased hunters, aged 72, experienced a remarkably rapid decline within a month of consuming contaminated deer meat.

He exhibited confusion, aggression, and seizures, ultimately receiving a diagnosis of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, a transmissible spongiform encephalopathy akin to mad cow disease but found in humans.

While the causal link remains unproven, the cases underscore the need for further investigation into the potential risks of consuming CWD-infected deer and its implications for public health. A team of doctors from Texas, where the cases occurred, emphasized this necessity.

Additionally, a friend of the deceased hunter also passed away from similar symptoms, though details about this case remain scarce.

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Transmission of the disease is not limited to meat consumption; contact with saliva, blood, urine, or even fragments of antler flesh shed during molting can also lead to infection.

Prion diseases remain largely unsolved and incurable. Prions, aberrant proteins, spread rapidly through the nervous system, causing irreversible damage and transforming the brain into a sponge-like texture.

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