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Two stars found in space that show signs of extraterrestrial civilizations

Astrophysicist Alexander Panov named two stars in space where they found signs of extraterrestrial civilizations. The scientist told what kind of objects they were and why they interested specialists.

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The astrophysicist claims that modern equipment in observatories makes it possible to find systems inhabited by aliens. He drew attention to one more fact. When something flies past a star, its mass “swings” slightly. But this is not always the case. It may not respond to some objects. And it is precisely this lack of reaction that indicates the sign of the passage of an astroengineering structure. Their mass is too small to affect the star.

Similar objects are found using the transit method. Space stations, which purely theoretically can be built by extraterrestrial civilizations, become noticeable during their passage across the disk. In a telescope, this looks like a decrease in visibility in a certain area.

Scientists have recently been able to find two stars in space, where they found signs of extraterrestrial civilizations: 1SWASP-J161732.90+242119.0 in the constellation Hercules and an object in the Tabby star system, which is located in the constellation Cygnus.

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Each of these stars is unique. Scientists managed to suspect the presence of alien activity, but there is still too little information.

In 2004, the mysterious star in the constellation Hercules came under the special attention of astrophysicists. Experts managed to notice that a certain object passed by this mysterious star 16 times, which appeared at an interval of about 35 hours. As indicated above, this was revealed thanks to the transit method.

The obscuration of the star showed that the diameter of the passing object is slightly smaller than that of the gas giant Jupiter. This is a fairly large object. But the star did not react to it in any way. Through further calculations, scientists determined that the mass of this object is approximately 3% of the mass of Jupiter.

However, astronomers did not consider it a planet. This is due to its huge size, but very small “elusive” mass. It is quite possible that this is a very complex technological object of aliens.

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What is known about the second mysterious star found in space? We are one and a half thousand light-years away from this interesting object in the Tabby star system. What is puzzling about this star is its inexplicable periodic dimming.

The fact is that everything is generally strange with the Tabby star: sometimes something crawls along its disk for 80 days, then exactly the same something flies like a bullet in five days.

This is not typical for planets, which always revolve around the star at the same speed and in the same period of time.

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