Two mysterious massive celestial bodies appear in the night sky over Dubai

Several days ago a very strange phenomenon appeared in the sky over Dubai. Residents of Dubai were baffled when they witnessed two massive celestial objects in the night sky.

Afterwards there was much speculation, some people suggest that the two objects are a moon and a planetoid while others speculate that the two objects are part of the Nibiru system or UFOs disguised as celestial bodies guided by intelligence.

If you didn’t see the “giant rocks”, here’s what the strange phenomenon looked like:

Other suggestions are that it is a holographic projection, project Blue Beam, a mirage or a marketing stunt but basically it comes down to the fact that no one has an answer as to what this strange phenomenon may have been.

Residents were quick to submit a couple of videos and then tried to debate (naturally) the theories surrounding this phenomenon.

Many conspiracy theorists online have discussed the phenomena of a ‘Double Moon,’ a theory in which they believe that some planets can look as big as the moon because of the alignment between the stars lately.

Some have stated that such alignments between the moon and other planets, like the one spotted in the UAE, are quite rare and only occur ONCE every 800 years.

But if so, then which planets could eyewitnesses see? Many questions, but so far few answers.

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