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Twin feels sister’s pain from cancer without knowing diagnosis

Throughout human history, there have been many rumors surrounding twins (especially identical ones). Some said that they could know what the other twin was doing, even at a great distance, and that if one twin was in pain, then the other felt these pains.

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The sadistic Nazi doctor Josef Mengele, who performed horrific operations on twins in the Auschwitz concentration camp, tried to put these claims to the test by torturing one twin and observing the reaction of the other, who was placed in an isolated room.

It is not known what results Mengele achieved, but stories about the unusually close connection between twins , including mental ones, still circulate.

From time to time, stories appear in the press about the strange behavior of twins, which fuel these stories and make more and more people believe in them.

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One such story came from Scotland. Sophie Walker, 17, was diagnosed with a rare kidney cancer in October 2017 and has since been undergoing treatment to try to beat the disease after three remissions.

Her identical twin sister, Megan Walker, does not have a tumor, but says she experiences the same pain as her sisters. In particular, she has pain in the same place in her back where her sister has a diseased kidney.

After Sophie was first diagnosed, she began experiencing cramps similar to stomach cramps, and Meghan immediately began experiencing similar symptoms. Then it happened again with abdominal and back pain.

Then Megan began to turn pale, like her sister, and she began to lose the same weight.

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“People always say how sick she looks – she’s even paler than her sister. But Megan has had all the tests done and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with her. It’s so strange,” said Rebecca Walker, the girls’ mother.

The sisters’ parents are trying not to despair, but the doctors have already told them that they will not offer Sophie new treatment methods, including experimental ones. So now they are raising money for an operation in another country.

“Sophie and Meghan are so close, they are almost in sync – it’s like one person split into two. How would Meghan live without Sophie? We worry not only for Sophie, but also for Meghan,” says Rebecca Walker.

Unfortunately, reporters did not provide more details about Sophie and Meghan’s unusually close bond, including whether they sensed each other’s actions or pain before Sophie’s cancer diagnosis.

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