TV News channel captures red UFO flying over Hogback Mountain

A witness was watching the local (Greenville/Spartanburg South Carolina) 7 news around 12:10 pm on 5/16/2020, the shot changed to the camera setup to lookout over Hogback Mountain in Spartanburg county.

It was during the live shot, when a red, glowing, disc shot across the screen.

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He immediately sent a copy of the footage to the news channel and they got back to him saying they hadn’t noticed it, but thought it was exciting.

What could it be? Some researchers believe that this may not be a UFO at all, but an unidentified species of flying animals. Nevertheless, many people think that this is an artificial object.

Like all other fastwalkers, the craft is very small and has no wings, tail or visible propulsion, and moves and/or changes directions at high speed far beyond what current aerospace technology is capable of, which makes it plausible that these objects are controlled remotely, whether by the military or of extraterrestrial.

What could be the reason that these objects flying through our sky, they are messengers or scouting probes?

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