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Turn Your Paranormal Interests Into A Career

Paranormal realmAre your interests mainly in the realms of the spiritual, the metaphysical, the paranormal or supernatural? Do such topics just make your mind race and inspire you? If so, why not make a career of it?

Spiritual and supernatural beliefs in such things as psychic phenomena, investigating the paranormal or discussing it do not just have to be hobbies for your free time. Believe it or not, there are a lot of careers you can pursue revolving around these interests. If these are where your passions lie, try one of these options:


If you have strong writing skills, maybe you can put them to use in relation to your interests. Write a book about psychic abilities or spiritual entities. Write magazine articles that investigate current events in metaphysical issues.

Make your own blog investigating hauntings in your home state and reporting them for both locals and tourists– if your blog becomes popular you might be able to sell ad space and earn revenue.

If writing is not your strength, consider offering your services as a research assistant, fact checker or proof reader.

Many writers and publishers hire people for such purposes, and if you become an expert in your field you can demand a pretty penny for your services.


Ever think about running your own store? Open a New Age or Metaphysical shop and sell things such as religious artifacts, divination tools, crystals and books.

You’ll be surrounded by your interests all day long, and get to talk to people about these interests all day long.


You are not the only person with your interests. Tons of people want to know more about paranormal and spiritual topics such as spirit guides, angels, psychic abilities, ghosts, auras, chakras or astrology.

If you’re knowledgeable on a specific topic and good with people, you might consider offering courses or workshops on that topic.

Sometimes community centers, libraries or other venues will allow you to hold classes for a small percentage of the class fee.

If you have degrees in areas such as history, psychology, science or archeology, you might even be able to get a job teaching courses or workshops at colleges and universities, teaching things like the history of witchcraft, parapsychology or cryptozoology.

Don’t overlook the internet, either – many people are finding internet courses and workshops much more convenient than going out to attend classes. You can run classes via E-mail, message forums, video lectures or video conferencing.


If you live in an area rich with folklore, legends and ghost stories, consider running ghost tours. Ghost tours are quite popular in places with a lot of activity; both locals and tourists tend to look for someone to take them around, point out places of interest and tell the stories.

You don’t even have to have a tour bus– if there are enough places in a local area, you can conduct walking tours.


If you can offer expertise in some area, you may be lucky enough to land a paying job on a team working on a project, such as filming a documentary or conducting parapsychological experiments.

Skills that might help you in such an endeavor may include having a degree in religion, psychology, history or some other related field so they can consult with you as an expert for background or related research.

Another skill that might land you such a job would be to have expertise with audio/video equipment so that you can record and analyze the data.

If you’re willing to work your way up, just offer to be an assistant who will answer phones, file paperwork, carry equipment and run to get coffee for the team.

You can learn a lot and break into the business that way, perhaps working your way up through the ranks.

Just remember the old saying– if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. Any interest can be turned into a lucrative career with some effort and thought.

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