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Tucker Carlson Shares Claims of Troops Dying from UFO Encounters

On the “Full Send” podcast, Tucker Carlson, host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox News, shared that he recently spoke with a Stanford professor who was allegedly tasked by the Defense Department 11 years ago to investigate numerous cases of troops dying due to UFO-inflicted brain injuries, reports

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The professor, who claimed to have expertise in traumatic brain injury, studied the brains of more than 100 troops who died following such encounters. According to the professor, there are dozens of open court cases that support his claims.

“[In] a number of cases, these things have landed on military bases. … Servicemen have approached them and they get traumatic brain injury, or they’re killed,” Carlson said on the podcast. “I’m like, why isn’t this on the front page of the New York Times? I don’t know.”

The U.S. military, meanwhile, is having no part of this particular UFO discussion.

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“That story is false,” Susan Gough, a Defense Department spokesperson, told Military Times. The Pentagon declined to comment further.

UFOs have become a hot-button topic among military officials in recent months.

In fact, last week, the head of the Pentagon’s All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office drafted a report suggesting alien vessels could indeed be sending out search probes throughout our solar system.

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“[A]n artificial interstellar object could potentially be a parent craft that releases many small probes during its close passage to Earth, an operational construct not too dissimilar from NASA missions,” Sean Kirkpatrick wrote in the report co-authored by Abraham Loeb, chairman of Harvard University’s astronomy department.

Named “Physical Constraints on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena,” the research paper was published after weeks of heightened reporting on unidentified aerial phenomena after a Chinese spy balloon traversed U.S. airspace.

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