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Trumpet sounds from the sky are getting weirder all over the world

For several years, people around the world have reported hearing strange noises coming from the sky. These noises have been described as loud booms, metallic clangs, humming, or even trumpet-like sounds. Some people have recorded these sounds and uploaded them to social media platforms, where they have generated curiosity and speculation. What are these mysterious sounds and where do they come from?

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A series of loud and unusual sounds from an invisible source, which began in March 2023, as if coming from the sky, continues to flow around the world, frightening people who are faced with the phenomenon.

Usually, after this phenomenon, skeptics come running to the local media and start telling fairy tales about transformers, but most often there is no official explanation for this.

Meanwhile, the sounds continue and the other day a video from Colombia reached the Internet:

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An even more interesting sound was in Charlotte, North Carolina:

The recording was not only made with a microphone from a surveillance camera, but it was recorded by every street microphone, so the phenomenon was analyzed on local television:

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Crazy sounds over Ireland:

Traditionally, unusual sounds similar to the grinding of metal were called “hums of the earth”. But now these hums have shifted to some new direction, and recently the ufological version of this phenomenon has dominated the online community.

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That is, sounds are emitted by some large spaceships hanging over one or another piece of terrain, but hidden by a light-refracting field. The abundance of UFO sightings of various sizes and shapes makes us think so:

And this mysterious UFO flew over the Vatican on April 15:

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Some people have interpreted these sounds as signs of the end times, based on biblical prophecies that mention trumpets sounding from the heavens. However, there is no scientific evidence to support this claim.

Interestingly, in 2023 there are many more such sounds around the world than in previous years. What are these mysterious sounds and where do they come from? There is no definitive answer to this question.

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