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Triangle-shaped UAP with blue glow filmed over Croatian city

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, residents of Rijeka, Croatia, were greeted with an unusual sight: a blue triangular object suspended in the sky. The object was caught on camera by a local resident, reports

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The footage shows UAP maintaining its position against the gusty winds, ruling out the likelihood of it being a drone. The observer, who wished to remain anonymous, described the object as a “triangle-shaped object in bright blue color” and appeared to be solid, though they admitted uncertainty about its true nature.

Time-lapse webcams positioned around the city also recorded the same blue illumination, adding another layer to the puzzle. The object remained visible for about ten minutes.

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Experts have been cautious not to jump to conclusions, suggesting that the object could be anything from an unusual atmospheric event to an optical illusion caused by moonlight.

Some suggest that the object could be a secret aircraft or a new type of technology, while others believe it could be a natural but rare occurrence.

Authorities have not yet provided an official explanation, and the object remains unidentified.

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