Train passenger in Italy filmed a triangular UFO

An eyewitness sitting on a train passing near Rome noticed three glowing lights in the sky.

The lights were in the shape of a triangle, suggesting that it may have been one UFO.

Some people suspect that this is a reflection of light from a window. But if it was a reflection of the window it would be moving independent of the ground and in conjunction with the back of the seat on the right side as the person filming is moving the camera.

The camera moving would cause any reflection to move with it as you can see on the scratches on the window. The lights are however staying perfectly spaced above the ground below them.

Similar to the US Air Force TR3B, triangular UFOs have been observed across Europe for decades and most often seen in the UK, and this UFO is closer than we have seen in many years.

What do you think this is?

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Jake Carter

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