Traffic camera captured ghostly figure in backseat of car

In October 2023, a man named Adityan was driving along a road in Kerala, India, with his wife and two small children in the back seat of the car, reports

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At some point, they passed through an area where a specialized traffic camera was installed, designed to record unbelted drivers or motorcyclists without helmets.

Since neither Adityan nor his wife, who was seated beside him, were wearing seat belts, the camera identified them as violators and captured an image of their car.

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Recently, Adityan received information about the fine along with a photo, acknowledged his guilt, and dutifully paid the fine.

However, upon inspecting the photo of his car, he was perplexed. The image unmistakably shows a stranger peering from behind the driver’s seat, and this person bears no resemblance to Adityan’s small children.

Adityan explained that at the time the photo was taken, only two adults were in the car, making the identity of the third person a complete mystery. When the photo went viral on social networks, many speculated that a ghost, possibly an elderly woman, was captured in the image.

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Skeptics, on the other hand, propose that the anomaly might be either a distortion of the face of one of Adityan’s small children or a camera “glitch.”

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