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Tornado tore the child from his father’s arms and carefully placed him in a tree

A few days ago, a devastating tornado swept through several southern US states, killing six people and destroying more than a hundred homes.

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Sydney Moore, 22, and her partner Aramis Youngblood thought their trailer would save them and their two young children from a tornado, but 150 mph winds tore their home to pieces.

Before that, the tornado tore the roof off the trailer and pulled out the bassinet containing a 4-month-old baby named Lord. At this time, Sydney was tightly hugging her second son, one-year-old Princeton.

Aramis tried to save the Lord by grabbing his cradle with his hands. However, the tornado easily grabbed the father and son, lifted them into the air, and then threw Aramis outside, and tore the cradle with the baby out of his hands and carried it away in an unknown direction.

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When the wind died down, only rubble remained of the family’s trailer. Sidney and Princeton were buried under the rubble, but they managed to get out unharmed. Nearby they found Aramis with bruises and cuts, but alive, and the Lord was nowhere to be found.

They already decided that he was dead, but began to inspect the area around the former trailer. And about ten minutes later they suddenly discovered the Lord’s cradle nearby on the trunk of an almost fallen tree. The child lay alive in the cradle and only had a small scratch on his cheek and another on his ear.

It looked almost unreal. According to the baby’s mother, it was as if a tornado had very carefully and carefully laid the child on the branches of a tree.

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“He [Aramis] found him lying on a tree, as if someone had placed him in that tree on purpose. All he had was a scratch on the side of his face. It must have been God.

I thought he was dead. I was almost sure that he was dead and that we would not find him. But he’s here, and it’s by the grace of God,” says Sydney.

Sister Sydney also believes in divine intervention and says Lord was placed on the tree “like an Angel” and “they brought him safely to this place.”

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The tornado completely destroyed all the family’s property, but city residents helped them with their belongings and now they just have to find a new home. People have already donated about $42,000 to them for a new trailer.

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