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Time Traveler? A man with a mobile phone in a 1943 photo

A 1943 photograph of a man “talking on a mobile phone” has gone viral on social media.

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The journalists found out that this photo was actually taken in 1943, in Reykjavik, Iceland. It depicts US soldiers, but this man in a white coat is definitely not a soldier and is clearly different from the other people in the photo.

A man holds an object in his hand, raising it to his ear in the same way as mobile phone owners do. And he is with his mouth open, that is, apparently photographed at the moment of the conversation.

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And next to him there is no one with whom he could talk, no one looks in his direction.

Social media users quickly concluded that the photo was of a time traveler who did not expect to be filmed.

“He stands alone, wearing a different headdress than the others, and a different scarf, and he behaves like we would do today, talking on a mobile,” writes Christian Hoffmann, who first posted this picture in the Icelandic Facebook group.

Skeptics, on the other hand, believe that the man in the photo may have just checked his watch on his hand or decided to scratch his ear right at the moment the photographer was working.

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However, there is definitely some kind of rectangular flat object in the man’s hand. And if it’s not a smartphone, then what is it?

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