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Tim Burchett calls for the whole truth about UFOs to be revealed

A UFO researcher and Republican politician believe that the US government is hiding some information about UFOs and calls for transparency of such information.

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American ufologist Garrett Graff, author of “UFO: The Inside Story of the US Government’s Search for Alien Life Here―and Out There“, and Republican Congressman Tim Burchett agree that US authorities should finally tell the public everything they know about UFOs.

Recently, both took part in the “Meet the Press” program on the NBC News news site and talked about their concerns regarding the presentation and concealment of information about UFOs by the authorities. Garrett Graff (left) and Tim Burchett (right)

“The government is hiding a certain level of its knowledge and understanding of what some of these phenomena are. There is something real here.

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“There are objects in our airspace whose nature we do not know. They may represent sophisticated new enemy technology or science , which we don’t understand,” Graff says.

Graff is confident that the authorities can hide both their own secret developments of military aircraft, drones or other technologies, and those objects that are found to have invaded state airspace. And that the government most likely knows much more about this than it tells the public.

At the same time, Graff is convinced that in fact the authorities are not hiding “significant knowledge” about directly alien spacecraft, extraterrestrials and contacts with extraterrestrial life.

And the fact that we have not yet discovered the presence of aliens in space is perhaps because we have not yet developed the technology to search for it.

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For his part, Congressman Tim Burchett believes that the authorities are spending a suspiciously large amount of money on something that allegedly does not exist.

“You know, we’ve been told since 1947 that these things [UFOs and aliens] don’t exist, and yet Harry Reid (former Democratic leader in the US Senate) gave millions of dollars to research them.

“Yes, they spent a hell of a lot of time, effort and money to tell the American public that they don’t exist. And yet they’re looking into it.”

Burchett went on to recount how his own initiative to look into reports of UFO sightings by pilots was blocked in Congress: “I proposed an amendment to the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) reauthorization bill.

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“It said that if a commercial airline pilot detects some kind of aerial anomaly, or UFO as we used to call them, and they file a report with the FAA, that If they do so, then this report will also be submitted to Congress. Well, in the end this amendment was blocked.

“The representative directly told me that it was blocked. And I asked why? And he said the intelligence community blocked it. I asked, wait a minute. Do you mean committee? And he said, no, it’s the community.”

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