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Three Earth-like planets discovered near a nearby star

An international group of astronomers, including scientists from the University of Exeter (UK), as stated on the educational institution’s website, made an important discovery. They discovered three so-called super-Earths at once, which orbit a relatively close orange dwarf star to us.

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Astronomers have discovered three new exoplanets (as worlds outside the solar system are called), which are still in the status of candidates for the title of planet. This means that further observations should confirm this fact.

The new exoplanets belong to the super-Earth class. This means that they are larger in mass than our planet, but they have less mass than the ice giants of the solar system, Uranus and Neptune.

Scientists believe that the three planets have a mass that is 5-11 times the mass of Earth. Further observations will help clarify this parameter for each world.

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The discovered potential super-Earths orbit the Sun-like star HD 48498, which is relatively close to us at a distance of 55 light-years. The two planets closest to the star have orbital periods of 7 and 38 days. That is, the length of the year is exactly this number of days.

But most of all, astronomers were interested in the third planet, which has an orbital period equal to 151 Earth days. For Earth it is just over 365 days. This super-Earth is within the habitable zone of its star. This means that there could potentially be liquid water on the surface of the planet. And water is the source of potential life.

According to scientists, this discovery is important because the planets were discovered near a star similar to the Sun and this is the closest planetary system to us with a super-Earth located in the habitable zone of its star.

Scientists called the discovery an exciting step forward in the search for habitable planets.

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