Three children from Zimbabwe are tormented by a sadistic poltergeist

A family with three children from Magwegwe North, a suburb of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, encountered a violent, invisible entity that attacks their children day and night.

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According to local media, three children of undisclosed gender, ages 13, 12 and 8, live under the care of their grandparents. And last fall, something evil settled in their house.

“We don’t know what to do about it. It started last November. One morning our children woke up and the hair was shaved off their heads. We thought it was just some kind of accident.

“But the next day our youngest child woke up in the middle of the night screaming loudly. Someone stabbed him in the leg! And someone shaved the hair off his head again (apparently this means that in each case only separate sections of hair were shaved off).

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“We were all horrified and didn’t understand at all what was happening,” says one of the adults, his voice trembling with fear.

Since those days, paranormal events began to occur in their house on a regular basis. And now something was opening and closing windows and doors, turning lights on or off, stealing pots from the kitchen and food from the refrigerator.

Then they began to hear sounds in the kitchen, as if someone was preparing food there, but when they came to the kitchen, it was empty.

“We turned to different prophets and churches for help, but after each attempt the situation only got worse. Doors and windows opened inexplicably, our children’s clothes, especially their school uniforms, were torn and they could no longer attend school.

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“We hired a spiritual healer for a cleansing ceremony. The next day, our house mysteriously caught fire, but only the bedrooms were damaged. Everything in the kitchen and dining room was untouched.”

In an attempt to save the children from an invisible tormentor, they sent all three to their maternal grandmother, who lives in South Africa. But the poltergeist followed them and everything continued there.

The children were still attacked by someone invisible at night and beaten. Dishes broke by themselves, clothes were scattered around the house, and then money began to disappear from the house to no one knows where. After this, the children returned back to Zimbabwe.

“We tried to protect the children by sending them to sleep at the neighbors’ house, but the riots followed them there too. Last night the neighbors’ room was trashed again and it was flooded with water. We are at a loss. Children suffer the most and there is no peace. All the neighbors are afraid of us, and we don’t know where to turn. We beg for any help we can get.”

Clothes in the children’s room are constantly spoiled and scattered by poltergeists
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The children’s grandmother, Mayinesi Chongwe, tearfully said that neighbors now call her a witch, blaming her for what happened: “At 80 years old, I have never practiced witchcraft or used any charms. I am a Christian. But some neighbors accuse me of witchcraft, believing that I am behind these misfortunes.

“Because of this, no one helps us. When the fire broke out, neighbors watched instead of helping, fueled by these suspicions,” says a tearful Chongwe.

When a film crew from the B-Metro news site visited this house, a large brick flew through the window out of nowhere. breaking glass. And it is unclear whether this was a manifestation of a poltergeist or whether one of the neighbors threw the brick.

The neighbor where the children were sent to spend the night told reporters that something evil clearly wants to kill these children: “The children were sleeping in my living room when the kettle and cups from my cupboard were mysteriously moved and used to hit the children throughout the night.

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“My grandson, who was sleeping nearby, ran away in fear and fell asleep in the cupboard. I am convinced that these invisible forces one goal: to kill children. I am afraid that they may die, even under my care,” she said.

The 13-year-old girl, whose name has not been released, said supernatural attacks have made her life miserable. And something seems to be trying to strip her naked when she gets ready for school. Because of this, she is forced to stop attending classes.

“I’m afraid to go to school because whenever I get ready, I find that my uniform is torn or missing. It has become impossible for me to attend classes because my entire uniform is damaged and I have nothing to wear. Sometimes we get slapped or hit under rocks that seem to appear out of nowhere, turning our lives into a living nightmare,” she said.

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