Mysterious Worm Rain In China Baffles Locals

A viral video has been making rounds on the internet which purportedly shows worms which are apparently dropped from the sky are crawling on the cars in China’s Beijing.

Citizens in the Chinese province of Liaoning were reportedly told to seek shelter after the city witnessed a bizarre phenomenon, as worm-like creatures or objects rained from the skies.

Cars are shown in the video, covered in worm-like objects after heavy rain in China. People walking on the streets were seen carrying umbrellas to protect themselves from the “worm rain”.

According to the scientific journal Mother Nature Network, the most likely explanation of the incident is that they were swept up by heavy winds and then dropped throughout the city. This, the journal stated, happens when insects are caught up in a whirlpool, during a storm.

It is not yet known whether the worms falling from the sky in Beijing are a result of natural weather events or some other cause.

The incident in Beijing has certainly captured the attention of social media users, with many expressing their disbelief and fascination at the strange phenomenon.

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Jake Carter

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  1. Those are not worms. They’re from a tree. A poplar tree. I see them often.

    People probably have umbrellas because regular old rain that is helping these tree thingies stick to the cars.

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