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Thin humanoid creature captured on video in the night forest of Oregon

HumanoidThe video below was taken in May 2017 but fell into the hands of cryptozoologists only last year. The mysterious event took place in a forest near the American city of Benda, Oregon. It is reported that a local resident went on a night trip and did not return from it.

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Experts leading the cryptozoological YouTube channel “Nv Tv” do not undertake that this story is real, but emphasize that this is how it was told by the person who provided this frightening footage.

The American says that he found someone’s lost video camera and watched the recording from it the same day by connecting the device to a computer. The video was filmed by an unknown man who walked through the night forest around the tent, after he heard a strange noise outside. Apparently, he was really scared.

The author of the video at a certain moment turns around and directs the camera to something unexpected. You can see these frames at around 5:47. A thin, pale and tall humanoid figure without clothes appears before a man. On this, creepy movie, fortunately, or unfortunately, ends.

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It is alleged that the unknown traveler left in the forest not only a camera, but also a tent, all his belongings and, most importantly, a car.

If you believe his compatriot and the authors of the channel “Nv Tv”, the American has not yet been found, and the cops later took the camera as material evidence. True, it did not help the police to unravel this mysterious case and find the missing American.

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By Julianna S.

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