They no longer hide: Several UFOs filmed above Houston

Mysterious footage of flashing white orbs floating through the night sky in Houston, Texas has fuelled rumors of UFOs.

The video depicts a collection of bright spherical bodies emerging in the night sky and traveling at equal speed horizontally.

The objects are organized in a pattern which is vaguely diamond-shaped, or like a sideways kite.

Bafflingly, a UFO on the far right appears to accelerate until it is closer to the others, which indicates they are not merely being blown in the wind like a balloon.

Lee Wutang, who recorded the video, told: ”While out walking my dog, a neighbor pointed out these strange lights in the sky.”

The woman said that she is living on Houston’s southern side and observed the occurrence around half an hour after sunset.

“I didn’t observe any sounds coming from the objects. If you look closely at the first few seconds of the video you will see several lights clustered together (not in a singular line). I’m sharing this for the sake of sharing. Has anybody else seen anything similar?”, – asked woman.

No flashing lights, so it’s not copters or planes. They look like they’re moving too fast to be drones. So what could it be?

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Jake Carter

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