They don’t hide anymore: UFO flew past a plane in Colombia

A video of a UFO flying past a small private jet is now widely circulating on social media. The video was allegedly filmed in March 2023 over the Antioquia region of Colombia.

At the beginning of the video, you can see how the pilot of the aircraft is filming something that is far away in the clouds. Soon a moving black dot becomes visible there.

Suddenly, the dot begins to quickly approach the aircraft and quickly flies past it in a couple of seconds. The pilot says something in Spanish.

When viewed in slow motion, the object appears to have a metallic surface and looks like a typical “flying saucer” UFO, only turned on its side.

Critics have speculated that the video shows a balloon or some sort of probe, although the object bears little resemblance to either.

Some Spanish-speaking bloggers tried to dig up the source of the video and found that it was taken from a Beechcraft aircraft, which was moving at 120 knots at the time of filming.

There are also claims that someone even found the pilot who filmed this video, and he claims that the video is absolutely real. But he does not want his name to be in the press.

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