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There was a leak from the laboratory: new data on COVID-19

According to the latest version of British intelligence, a deadly strain could appear as a result of an accident in some Chinese laboratory. It’s worth noting that the British authorities officially refute this version, as well as China.

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A possible leak was reported by a member of COBRA (Extraordinary Government Committee). There are two laboratories from which the virus could have “escaped”.

The first is the Wuhan Institute, located sixteen kilometers from the Wuhan market, where the outbreak was recorded. Two years ago, Chinese media noted that this laboratory was fully prepared for experiments on viruses like Ebola.

Another laboratory is located just 5 km from the market. It is called the Wuhan Center for Disease Control. They organized experiments on animals, in particular bats, to study methods of transmission of coronavirus.

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American professor Richard Ebright said he has evidence that lab workers are violating safety precautions.

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