There may be more than 30 extraterrestrial civilizations in our galaxy

In recent studies conducted by scientists searching for extraterrestrial civilizations, they found evidence that in just a few decades we can find life outside of our planet.

At the moment, the chances of finding life in space have increased significantly, because the equipment, spaceships and other things that are required to effectively conduct a mission to study stars and planets have been improved.

It is practically impossible to calculate exactly how many potential extraterrestrial civilizations can actually exist.

But scientists from the University of Nottingham approached this issue from a completely different perspective. Researchers are confident that in our galaxy in fact there can be more than thirty civilizations.

“There should be more than 30 civilizations in our galaxy, given that for the development of intelligent life on other planets, like ours, it takes about 5 billion years,” said Christopher Conselis, the author of the latest study.

The idea of this study is to consider evolution not on such a huge scale as before. A similar calculation was called the Astrobiological Limit of Copernicus.

This calculation suggests that, on average, it takes 5 billion years to form intelligent life. In the case of our planet, civilization has been fully formed already in 4.5 billion years.

Experts added that if there is intelligent life on other planets that exists about the same time as on our planet, then in total there can be 36 civilizations in the galaxy. Scientists plan to continue research in this direction to obtain more accurate evidence of this theory.

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