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The woman killed her five children and herself, blaming demons for this

A young woman from the United States committed suicide in December 2020, and before that she killed her five children and set fire to the house with their bodies inside. In her dying letter to her husband, she explained this by her weakness in the fight against demons.

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In West Virginia (USA), 25-year-old Oreanna Myers shot five of her children (three relatives and two adopted), and then set fire to a house and shot herself. This happened on December 8, 2020, but the details of the incident were leaked to the press only a few days ago.

During the investigation of the tragedy, it turned out that Myers was actively engaged in witchcraft, that is, in fact, she was a witch. She performed various magical rituals at home and arranged sessions of spiritualism.

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Myers’ murdered children were between seven and one year old and none of them could resist and call for help.

A few weeks earlier, Myers posted on her Instagram jars of insects, mushrooms, stones and various plants with which she performed magic rituals, as well as photographs of the rituals themselves. Now all these pictures are considered evidence of her involvement in the occult.

At the Myers house, the police found her suicide note, in which the woman confessed the following: “I was not strong enough to fight demons.” What exactly happened to the witch is still very difficult to say.

Some commentators assume that she actually summoned demons from another world, and they drove her crazy, forcing her to kill herself and her children. More skeptical commentators believe that Myers was originally schizophrenic.

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Myers’ suicide note, in which she writes about demons, survived only because she turned it into a letter for her husband, Brian Bumgarner, and left it in his car.

“I’m sorry Brian. I wasn’t strong enough for you or our family. I have such a bad head. I apologize for my evil crime.

“I wasn’t strong enough to fight demons. I’m so depressed. My soul completely destroyed. I’m sorry that I failed you. I am sorry that I failed our beautiful boys. I am very sorry that I was not strong enough.”

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In addition to this letter to her husband, Myers wrote three more notes, which she attached to the side mirror of the car.

In them, she wrote that she shot the children in the head, set the house on fire, and now she wants to shoot herself in the head. According to the local sheriff, no evidence has yet been found to indicate that Myers had a diagnosed mental illness.

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