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The Vacuum Law Of Prosperity

SpiritualityUnderstanding the Universal Laws of the Universe and learning to apply them in your daily life will help you achieve personal and financial freedom faster than you ever imagined.

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One of the powerful laws of the Universe is the Vacuum Law of Prosperity and it states that Nature abhors vacuum.


To really understand it, do a simple experiment. Go outside and dig a hole in your backyard or some place you can access easily in a few days. Once the hole is dug, go see what will happen over the next couple of days.

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Following the Law of the Vacuum, Nature will start to fill the hole with grass, weeds and flowers. Rain and wind will bring more dirt into the hole and eventually it will be completely filled over time.


Learning to let go of things, people and relationships that no longer serve you can be hard, but once you do it, it opens up a flow of good coming your way.

Think of all the huge donations made by the rich. What are you still holding on to that you should get rid of? This same principle can be applied in attracting abundance in all parts of your life.

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If news clothes is what you want, then make room for new clothes by cleaning out your closet and create a vacuum. The secret is to give what you wish to receive.


Usually, we cling on to old patterns and old things because we don’t have the faith in our ability to get new ideas and new things. This fear leads to a condition of insecurity, which comes from not knowing who you really are and also from a lack of awareness of your true relationship with the Universe, which created a distorted image of yourself.

You must come to realize that your “true self” knows no limits, which means that you are capable of having, doing or being, anything you want to be.

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But when you fail to see this simple truth, when you believe that your supplies are limited and that your real security lies in money or things, you will be afraid to let go of them and try something new.


Start now and put the Law of Vacuum to the test in your own life. If you want more prosperity, start creating a vacuum to receive it. If you want a savings fund, start by opening an empty bank account, no matter how little money you have right now. Because of Law of Vacuum doesn’t like anything to be empty for long, it will fill your vacuum in no time.

Remember, you are surrounded by good everywhere so open your mind to receive greater prosperity. Create a vacuum to hold it and you will receive it. If you give, the Universe in turn, will give back to you by responding to the energy that you give.

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Once you understand how things are really happening, it will become easier to have faith in what’s in the process of becoming.

You will stop fearing the future and letting things go, because you know that old stuff will be immediately replaced with something of equal or greater value.

Learn to let go, to give up on anything that is no longer serving you and make room for the new things that you have prayed for. Release old ideas, patterns or old possessions. Allow the new to unfold in your life just as you’ve always wanted.

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