The universe existed before the Big Bang, scientists say

Many scientists believe that the universe came about as a result of the Big Bang. However, physicist Brian Cox stated that the universe existed before this event.

For millennia, people have been tormented by the question of how it all began. The first cosmological model to explain the existence of the universe was proposed in the 1920s by the Belgian priest Georges Lemaitre.

He suggested that the universe began with one primary atom, which, in fact, was recognized by the scientific world.

However, according to Professor Cox, there was a time before the Big Bang in which the universe actually existed.

Then, 13.8 billion years ago, the universe was a small speck, where everything was much closer to each other.

Before the Big Bang, there was no matter, and all that existed was an ocean of energy, almost motionless but slightly swaying.

Professor Cox says that we must “imagine it as a motionless ocean of energy filling a void.” Although there were no structures in this place, the energy acted on the space, causing it to stretch.

In 2020, astrophysicist Roger Penrose stated that the Big Bang was not the beginning. Something happened before the Big Bang, and this something awaits us in the future.

We exist in a universe that expands, then all the mass disintegrates and the distant future becomes the Big Bang of another era, the scientist says.

The astrophysicist believes that he was able to detect fragments of the past Universe, which are “dead” black holes. There are six of them, they are well warmed up and about eight times the diameter of the moon.

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  1. That was very interesting.
    Albert Einstein was trying to prove that black holes come in different shapes and sizes depending on how they form. Albert Einstein believed in the black hole electron the same size and mass of an electron. Einstein predicted it would be stable its life span.
    According to string theory its probably true.
    So like you article many things are possible.

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