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The trees are going to be connected to the 5G network

TreesScientists intend to establish observation of the state of trees using special sensors connected to the 5G network.

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A research team from Germany decided to tackle the development of new ways to use 5G technology in forestry. Currently, the assessment of the state of the forest is carried out in various ways, for example, by walking or observing from unmanned aerial vehicles.

According to scientists, the use of 5G technology in this case opens up much more opportunities.

Scientists propose to provide each tree with a special sensor that will report its condition in real time. For example, the device will report a lack of moisture or the presence of insect pests on the tree.

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You can also find out what the condition of the root system is or the quality of the ambient air. It also becomes possible to timely prevent forest fires.

According to scientists, these sensors can also be useful in woodworking, when, for example, an automated cutting machine will coordinate its actions based on the received data on the state of the wood.

Skeptics, in turn, say that there is no need to connect living things to the Internet, since it is not known whether 5G will have a good effect on the state of trees.

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