The Top Five Most Haunted of South Dakota

Are you looking for the most haunted places in South Dakota? Here we’ve put together what we think is the ultimate list of haunted locations in South Dakota.

Old Hospital, Pine Ridge Reservation: Where The Little Children Play

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Simply put, there are said to be ghosts of little children running all over the place. It is in the housing of the old hospital that the little children are said to run around in.

They are seen in the houses, on the streets outside, and most likely in the basement scaring people half to death (if they weren’t already there). When the Old Hospital was actually used there was said to be screaming voices in the morgue.

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The reasons for these hauntings are just the fact that many people have died in the hospital and probably in some energetic and painful deaths.

Alex Johnson Hotel, Rapid City: The Roaring Twenties

This hotel was built in the 1920s. It is said to have many ghosts featuring the former owner of the hotel. Employees who have seen the most appearances (being that they are there all the time) have reported such occurrences as noises, things moving across the room of their own accord, and a woman that appears on the eighth floor….the famous eighth floor.

This is where not only noises and items moving are heard. There is a piano that plays all by itself there as well as the sounds of a lady crying in a certain room where a lady supposedly jumped out of the window on her wedding night.

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That is not the only suicide that has been reported. Apparently, there was a staged suicide in which another woman was thrown out the window. You can see her in room 812 and she is called the lady in white. Some have also mentioned Alex Johnson haunting there as well.

Sioux San Hospital, Rapid City: A TB Sanitarium and A Children’s Cemetery

Sioux San’s History is that of an old boarding school for Native American children and a sanitarium ward for TB patients. Hmmm, wonder why its haunted? Now it is a patient hospital. As far as sightings go there are quite a few.

There are sounds of children crying and also the supposed sighting of children apparition on the third floor. If you need any proof there are tons of night guards who are willing to share their stories about how they quit their jobs because of the repetitive occurrences in the place.

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The most likely reason for these hauntings (besides the sanitarium business of course) is the fact that there are quite a few child graves on the premises. They were never taken home properly to their families being that Native American rights were trampled on back in the day.

Mount Marty College, Yankton: You Want It, They Have It

This place is haunted in many different ways. First of all, the showers seem to have a mind of their own and turn on and off of their own accord, water fountains are the same and there is tons of footsteps and shadows.

There is an unconfirmed death of a construction worker who fell to his death while on duty, which would help to explain some of this. In Corbey (the female dorm) there is also a story about a girl who went on the elevator one day and was never seen from again.

So goes why there are feelings of enormous discomfort of a paranormal nature near and on the elevator. The story is not confirmed, but many believe it to be true. On the old gym and, or stage, an old music teacher and sister at the convent is said to haunt the area….specifically the costume room.

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The place of the most reported paranormal activity is in Whitby Hall. Because of all the sightings, the place has been vacant for up to two years ago when it was again used. The light never touches the door and it barely gets in through the window in room 200.

There is a figure who walks around the residents’ rooms and is said to have gray polyester pants. There has been also reports of construction workers and apparitions with hard hats. Doors lock and unlock at will.

A white figure is also seen in the hall. There are many more hauntings to report in this college that are too numerous to count including the ghost of a boy who hung himself in the attic.

Rock Creek Day School, Rock Creek: The Floating Coffins

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When this building is empty the sounds of a record player, footsteps, and doors opening are heard all throughout it. Teachers grading papers late at night will hear the sounds of voices, papers, chairs, and desks moving without any explanation what so ever.

There is one occasion when the head cook came in early to start cooking and she heard voices moving towards her and then they were gone as soon as they came. People that drive by late at night have seen a man and a woman in the windows. The reason for these hauntings is believed to be caused by the floating coffins. You heard me right.

It seems that awhile back Rock Creek flooded the entire village and took a lot of the coffins from the cemetery with it. Everyone was evacuated and the only way to get the coffins back was to have the horseback riders to rope the coffins back to shore. A lot of coffins were opened and some of the bodies were gone.

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It was assumed that a lot of the bodies sank into the sand. That is why the entire village is said to be haunted. A tall man dressed in black roams the streets at night. There is also some sightings of a skeleton that hangs in the tree on Booth Road.

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