The Tale Of The Ghost Who Helped With Math

Did two students get help preparing for a math test from a deceased professor?

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Back in the late 1980’s, a college student Jack O’Neal and his girlfriend Rebecka Whitey were studying in the library on campus. Neither one of them particularly liked math, but they needed to pass this course in order to graduate. Both of them were having trouble trying to understand the basic principles to be used when trying to solve certain math problems.

The young couple heard the clock on the clock tower strike the hour of 3 a.m. and they decided to pack it in for the night. They thought they should try to get some sleep before the exam. As they were gathering up their textbooks and notes, they were startled by a voice who asked them why they were giving up so easily!

Professor Martin

An old man wearing a dark suit with a white shirt and a bow tie approached them. The stranger introduced himself as Professor Martin. He explained that he had taught at the college for a number of years and was presently retired.

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Professor Martin offered to help the two young people prepare for their math test. They soon discovered that Professor Martin had a gift for making a complicated math problem seem simple. The Professor worked with the pair until 5:00 that morning to help the students prepare for the exam.

Both students thanked the professor and left the library. Instead of trying to sleep, they decided to get some breakfast (and coffee) before the exam, which was scheduled to start at 8:30 that morning.

Passed the Exam

Both young people passed the exam with flying colors. They wanted to send Professor Martin a thank you card and stopped off at the administration building to get his address.

One can only imagine their shock and surprise at being informed that Professor Martin had passed away back in 1963!

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They wondered if perhaps they could have been hallucinating due to sleep deprivation. While this may have been the case, it doesn’t explain how they were given the knowledge they needed to pass the exam.

Later on, during a conversation with their math professor, the two young people learned that the Professor had been spotted on other occasions as well.

It would seem that this wonderful man, who enjoyed teaching so much in life, returned on occasion to provide assistance to students from beyond the grave. He must have felt that teaching was more than just a job; for Professor Martin, it must have been a true calling.

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