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The Story of a Possible UFO crash in China on December 1, 1994

At 3:00 am, residents and employees of a factory in a small village were awakened by a roar and a strange light. When they went outside, it turned out that the plant was seriously damaged, and the forest was destroyed for 3 kilometers and an area of ​​150-300 meters.

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On December 1, 1994, 18 kilometers from the capital of China’s Guizhou Province, Guiyang City, there is a rural village and an area known as Duxi Forest Farm. A man named Chen Lianyu and his friend were the first to return from their night watch, intending to rest and drink tea at their dorm.

After tea, they tried to sleep, but were soon awakened by the sound of a freight train, which was strange, since the nearest railway station, Dulayin, was a considerable distance away.

The two were not alone: ​​all the villagers also heard the noise and went out of their houses to see where it was coming from. Shortly thereafter, bright red and green lights suddenly appeared. So bright that it seemed to be daytime, as well as a sudden gust of wind and, according to some eyewitnesses, hail.

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Some eyewitnesses even reported seeing fireballs. Several wooden houses even collapsed or were damaged. Those who did not leave their homes to investigate reported that they could not open the doors until the sound and light had disappeared.

As soon as the sun rose that morning, the villagers went to explore and stumbled upon a painting that took their breath away. 400 hectares of forest and trees were destroyed: the trees were cut in half, uprooted and severely bent.

Oddly enough, the greenhouse next to the trees remained untouched. The Dulaing railway station and the factory were also damaged, with some brick buildings collapsing, roofs ripped off, steel pipes bent and broken, and the train’s 50-tonne carriages shifted 20 meters.

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Despite the destruction, no one was hurt, and electricity and communications remained intact. The radius of destruction in the end turned out to be in the form of a circle. Two guards were also blown into the air by the sudden gust of wind, but they were not hurt.

Arriving journalists and government officials tried to document and comprehend what had happened. In addition to the extensive destruction, other oddities were also noted, for example, one of the local newspaper journalists stated that photographs taken by him during the destruction did not develop.

Cameras were able to photograph the scene only a few days after the incident.

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In terms of damage, a large number of trees were broken at a certain height of 1 meter. The damage was also selective, as there was no damage between the forest and the railway station.

The incident became a sensation, leading to debate as to what natural explanation could have been the cause, or whether it was natural at all, as the incident has been cited as one of China’s most famous UFO incidents.

To begin with, according to radar data, there were no military or civilian aircraft flying over the area at the time, and even if there were, it would not provide an instant explanation.

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Weather events were soon named as the most likely suspects by those who believed the event had a natural explanation. The first theory was a downpour, which would explain some eyewitness accounts of hail, the destruction left behind, and that some eyewitnesses were unable to open the doors of their houses.

A tornado was also considered a possibility, but according to meteorological data, no tornadoes were recorded that night.

As an alternative natural explanation, it has been suggested that a meteor could be the cause.

Although the meteorite would explain the light and noise, it would not explain the pattern of damage and the damage itself, as the entire forest would be razed to the ground.

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What do those who believe in the theory of UFOs or other unnatural phenomena say?

Based on video and photographs of the destruction field, they determined that the UFO was 200 meters in diameter and its propulsion system or the field that surrounded it caused all the destruction that was recorded.

To explain the scattered damage, it has been argued that bad weather may have interfered with the UFO’s engine when it lost power and was forced to restart its power plant, which caused the damage and also explained the lack of damage between the forest and the factory/railway station.

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This theory is also called into question due to the lack of burn marks and burning on the ground or leaves.

This event was regularly returned and investigated, especially in the 2000s, but even officials did not give a satisfactory explanation for what happened, as a result of which the cause of the destruction remained undisclosed. The scene has since been cleared and all traces of destruction removed.

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