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The Spirit Of The Shape-shifting Old Hag reader Gina shares her ghost story.

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This house no longer stands but some of the remains are still stashed outside a building next door. Why? I don’t know. My mom, her brothers Albert, twin brothers Benny and Jimmy, another set of twins Fay and Jesse and baby brother John grew up in this house. It was not a big house but the rooms were.

There was the back room that I was told to never go into alone when I was small. I Grew up hearing about the OLD LADY. I was somewhat scared to stay with granny and grandpa most of the time in that house but had too many times.

My uncles Jimmy and Benny along with mom and Albert moved out on their own soon after they moved there. Mom though, lived nearby in this town so we were there often. Mom saw this entity usually when something bad was about to happen. Granny has seen her a lot. But my uncle Jessie seen her once and that was enough.

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He wasn’t too big. He was in the bathroom getting ready for bed when he looked around the bathroom, there she was standing in the bathtub. Screaming, he ran out. My aunt Fay saw her a few times. But poor mom had the worst experiences. SO MANY.

Grandpa really thought they were all making it up till one night he awoke and couldn’t move. There floating above his head was the woman. After mom had me, she started working and I would stay with my grandma.

I was also very close to my aunt Fay. First encounter spending the night with granny I heard a knock on the back bedroom window and there in the window was a hand. Second encounter I was sick, stayed with granny during the day when I got there I started looking for Fay.

Granny told me she left but I wanted to be sure, started searching the house, I got to the back bedroom door started inside. Granny grabbed me but not quickly enough. There on the bed what I thought was Fay was the old lady, this gives me the creeps and makes me nervous.

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This thing looked up from the bed when I walked in and called my aunts name and it smiled. I CAN only say now that Regan from the exorcist comes to mind now when I remember what I saw.

She looked up, her head sort of twisted and she smiled. Granny grabbed me and just said. Tina that’s not Fay. Another time, and this I don’t know if it had to do with the entity or not but.

It was summertime, mom was still at home and granny working she was cooking lunch for her brothers and sisters, waiting for grandpa to come home, she heard a knock on the door wondering why grandpa would knock she open the door there stood grandpa with a funny look on his face.

He walked in went straight to the back bedroom not two seconds later the front door opened again and grandpa walks in and enters the kitchen to eat. You know mom never brought up what happened till she told me about it. The last time I have seen her I was in junior high.

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The school was out for the day and I was walking with my brother and two friends. Before leaving out of the door to the outside, there stood a woman all dressed in black in the corner.

I seen her, David seen her, we asked our friends who she was, they looked at us like we were nuts. There wasn’t no one for them to see. We ran out and there she was across the school yard looking at us.

We never knew who she was or what she was but she wasn’t nice.

Gina, Texas

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