The Seven Year Haunting of Joan Coates

In 1982, Joan Coates quit her job and moved into her mother’s home. Joan had arrived to care for her elderly mother who was blind and had become bedridden.

While Joan Coates was well prepared for the difficult task of caring for her mother, she could not have anticipated the strange paranormal activity that would plague her for the next seven years.

At first, everything appeared to be normal at the house as Joan got into a daily routine. Then one day while in the kitchen Joan heard someone calling her name. It was an unfamiliar voice and no one was in the house except Joan and her mother.

Joan would hear the disembodied voice many times over the years, always calling her name, and while she thought it was rather unusual she wasn’t to concerned about it. Then Joan’s mother passed away and the paranormal activity began to increase.

Joan’s mothers’ room which was always the warmest in the house became icy cold. Then Joan’s four small dogs began to act strangely, barking at unseen intruders and generally acting very uneasy.


Joan then decided to move into the small cabin located behind the home and only went into the main house for a few hours a day to watch TV. Joan said that every time she closed the back door as she left the main house she could hear banging and scuffling inside the home.

The house truly appeared to be haunted at that point as pictures were found rearranged on the walls and things, especially money, disappeared only to reappear at another location.

One day while in the kitchen of the main house Joan witnessed cutlery levitating and moving around the room. Joan was convinced that the house was haunted but it all seemed to be harmless and rather than being scared she found the ghostly activity to be just annoying.

The years went by and the paranormal activity continued. Then in 1989, the seventh year of the haunting, things took a sudden and extremely violent turn for the worst. Joan had recently bought a new kitten and put it in the garage one day while she went shopping.

When she returned home and went to the garage to get the little white kitten she was greeted by a horrifying sight. The kitten was lying on the floor, dead. Its head had been smashed with a heavy metal pulley which laid on the floor beside the unfortunate feline.

haunted room

For the first time in the seven years of assorted paranormal phenomena Joan Coates was now very scared. Her fear would only increase a few days later when she once again returned home from shopping.

Joan had tied up one of her dogs in the back yard and when she went to release the animal was met with a disturbing and terrifying sight. The dog had been thrown over the fence while still tied up and apparently had strangled on its chain.

Then it was over. Following the deaths of her two pets all paranormal activity at the house stopped. Many years have now passed and whatever was the cause of the seven year haunting of Joan Coates is apparently gone for good.

Today the now elderly Joan Coates continues to live peacefully in the cabin behind the house, enjoying the company of her dogs and frequent visits from friends.

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