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The S30 UFO – Bizarre Aircraft With Unrealistic Maneuverability Filmed Over Nellis Afb Test Range

By Olav Phillips

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As most of our readers already know, the Nellis Test Range complex has been home of some of our country’s most highly classified TOP SECRET and BLACK PROJECTS. Secret projects such as the U2, SR71, the B2 bomber, the Aurora, and the F117A Nighthawk Stealth fighter have all been based or tested there at one time or another.

It only makes sense that this is where we would expect to find some our latest technological developments and it is with that in mind that we now discuss one of the more exotic aircraft we have seen come out of Nellis.

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This UFO was caught on film by a government controlled state-of-the-art radar tracking system at a remote tracking location known as Area S30 on the Nellis Test Range in 1994. The radar-controlled cameras monitor the 7700 square miles above the range.

The purpose of the cameras are to record jet-fighter training and tactical exercises; after all, Nellis is known as “The Home of the Fighter Pilot,” as most of America’s ace fighter pilots have done residence at Nellis.

The most logical explanation for this UFO would be that it is some sort of secret project, but typically the contractor personnel at the tracking stations are not exposed to these highly classified projects and the cameras are normally deactivated when those types of projects are flying.

Tolicha Peak, Quartz Mountain or Black Mountain?

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The exact location on the test-range where this “Area S30” is located has not been determined, but a few frames of the video reveal a mountain range with what appears to be a couple of radar domes.

It was reported that it might be either Tolicha Peak, Quartz or Black Mountain. The Tolicha Peak area is one of interest because this is where the Tolicha Peak Electronic Combat Range is located.

Even though the object was photographed by a very good remote controlled fixed mounted camera, it still has that fuzzy gassy cloud cotton-ball look about it which seems to be common among some UFOs. One would think that the clarity and resolution would have been much better, but that seems to be typical of these objects.

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The object is anomalous for a couple of reasons. It does not resemble any known aircraft and has no apparent wings or means of propulsion that are visible.

The flight characteristics of the craft are totally unconventional compared to known aircraft. When viewing the video, the object appears to make abrupt right-hand turns and horizontal climbs.

The physical shape of the object is hard to ascertain and appears to change shape from frame to frame; at times it appears to be 4 spheres with a darker appendage in the middle.

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Air Traffic Control – Radio Transmission

This is a snippet of the radio transmission captured with the video. What this transmission clearly shows is that the ATC/Range Control had no idea what this aircraft was and what is was doing.

CONTROL: I show an aircraft headed north pretty fast.
OPERATOR 1: I got a helo [slang for helicopter].
FEMALE OP: At eleven?
OPERATOR 1: Yeah, can’t figure out where he’s at on this thing.
CONTROL: Be advised… We’re filled to capacity.
OPERATOR 2: What is that?
OPERATOR 1: I don’t know. No idea. A helo?
FEMALE OP: Looks like one. It’s way up high no. It’s going, like straight up.
OPERATOR 1: We acquired this unknown object. Aircraft of some type. We’re going to put a launch up on it anyways, see what happens. It seems to be hovering there. [Gives bearing of UFO]. It appears to be going outbound real slow. There’s hardly any range velocity. I don’t know if this would impact or not….[Simulated launch occurs.] We have impact. We’ll call this a kill on this unknown aircraft. T-1 Control doesn’t know what type of aircraft this is either…
OPERATOR 2: That’s weird.
OPERATOR 1: Strange.

As an added bonus to serious investigators, included on the videotape are the camera tracking information indicators which include the azimuth, elevation and range-to-target indicators. With this information, the anomalous nature of the object’s movements can be studied in greater detail.

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In the original “Sightings” TV episode, where the video was made available, it was reported that the videotape was smuggled out by base employees and this may be true, but we find it hard to understand how that could happen without the personnel involved being found out.

Could there be a more clandestine motive behind the release of this video? If so, what would be the purpose?


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