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The researcher has discovered images of artificial structures on Mars

Superfluous confirmation of a simple conclusion: in order to discover something on Mars, it is not at all necessary to fly to it.

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There are many photographs of Mars taken by various research facilities and spacecraft. Photos are grouped, structured and available in various Internet projects.

Google Mars is an internet application that resembles Google Earth. The Mars map is also made with this engine. This is nothing more than a 3D topographic map of Mars and gives us an idea of ​​the heights of the terrain depicted on the maps.

The tireless explorer-ufologist from Taiwan Scott Waring has recently thoroughly studied the maps of the surface of Mars provided by this service. Here’s what he found.

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Waring’s comment:

“Obviously there are buildings in these craters on Mars. First, it is a rectangular structure with a circular roof structure. Then there is a tall white tower. And third, a thin gray tower.

“All of this must be impossible, and yet we have three impossible things within 60 km of each other. This close proximity to each other increases the chances that these constructs are genuine and created by intelligent life. ”

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So that you have no doubts about the authenticity of the images, you can now easily find everything by following the instructions below.

We give a link with the coordinates of the desired craters already laid down. On the map that opens, you only need to find the enumeration in the upper left corner: Elevation, Visible, Infrared. After that, click on  Infrared and you will get the desired result.

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