The physicist is sure that he solved the mystery of what was before the Big Bang

British physicist Roger Penrose spoke about his version of what happened before the Big Bang at an online event at the Sakha Institute of Nuclear Physics in Calcutta, India, reports Outlook India.

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According to the professor, before the formation of our Universe, there was another one, and the Big Bang marked the end of the existence of that Universe.

Thus, Penrose considers it probable that the universe is in fact constantly going through a cycle of births and deaths.

Roger Penrose

Nobel Laureate, Penrose, said, “There was something before the Big Bang and that something is what we will have in our future.” He also claims that evidence of this previous universe is present in black holes.

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According to Penrose, who was a contemporary of Stephen Hawking, the Big Bang actually began in the remote future of the previous aeon (duration of one universe).

Penrose said that evidence of this older universe can be found in current black holes and unexplained spots of electromagnetic radiation in the sky (Hawking Points).

This is part of a theory called the “conformal cyclic cosmology” which postulates that the universe goes through infinite cycles where Big Bang is the birth of a new universe.

“The big bang just marked the end of the universe that existed before ours. Evidence that a previous universe existed can still be observed today,” said the scientist.

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Roger Penrose, along with German Reinhard Gensel and American Andrea Ghez, received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2020 for their discovery that the formation of black holes is a reliable prediction of general relativity.

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