The passenger of the airliner captured a group of UFOs on video

Over Phoenix (Arizona, USA) a UFO was filmed on video, which “accompanied” a passenger airliner.

According to an eyewitness, at an altitude of 12.5 kilometers, presumably over Nevada or Arizona, he looked out of the window of a Delta plane and saw a mysterious object that he thought was flying nearby.

At some point, the brightness of the object increased, and the eyewitness began to shoot it on video.

The man clarified that the city and state may be incorrect. He cannot say exactly where the plane was at a given time. This was probably in the southwest region given the flight path from LA to ATL.

Renowned ufologist Scott Waring commented on this video. He is sure that the object is following the aircraft. The UFO maintains a constant speed with the airliner and appears to rotate each of the four glowing objects.

The ufologist found a certain similarity between these UFOs and the so-called Phoenix lights seen by thousands of people in March 1997.

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Jake Carter

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