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Bigfoot in forest

The Okefenokee Encounter

Bigfoot in forestThe Okefenokee swamp, which straddles the states of Georgia and Florida, is one of the largest in the world. It is home to deadly quicksand, poisonous snakes, panthers and gators.

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While some of the swamp has been opened up today with modern roads and guided tours, it was far different back in 1829, when a group of men had a fatal encounter with what can only be described as a Giant Bigfoot.

Two men that lived on the outer area of the Okefenokee decided to explore deep into the swamp. After a couple of weeks the men were shocked by what they saw. A footprint, some 18″ long and 9″ wide. The men quickly headed for home fearing the beast that was responsible for the gigantic prints.

The two men told their strange story to others living on the swamp and soon a group of seven men decided to go back into the swamp, to hunt down the huge creature.

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After a couple of weeks the group was at the spot where the two men found the giant print, it was still there. As it was late in the day the men settled in, planning to continue the hunt the following day.

Then, in seconds, the gigantic beast was in their camp. Exploding out of the dense vegetation, a creature some 13 feet tall and covered with hair. The men grabbed their weapons and opened fire. Although wounded, the creature continued on and attacked the men.

5 of the 7 men were killed. The creature then collapsed, mortally wounded. As the two survivors looked on the dying beast let out terrifying screams. The two men fearing the screams could attract more of the creatures, fled the area, leaving their fallen fellow hunters behind.

The truth of this report can never be known, it may have been written for entertainment purposes. But, if true, it is one of the earliest written reports of an encounter with a Bigfoot type creature by a non Native American.

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The story first appeared in the Milledgeville, Georgia, Statesman in January, 1829.

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