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Numerology name

The Numerology of Your Name

Numerology nameShakespeare wrote, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” But we know better. A name has a great deal of power and energy. It is part of your identity. Your name can also be translated into numbers to help give you insight into your personality and life path.

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Your Name Number

The numerology of your name can influence all aspects of your life, including your personal and professional advancement. Each letter of your name has a numerical value. By adding together all the numbers you can get a better picture of your individual nature and destiny.

You can play around with this and try calculating your first name, your full name or even a nickname. By comparing the results, you may gain a deeper understanding of all the facets of your personality along with all the possibilities.

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Calculating Your Name Number

Start by writing out your full name. You can try other versions of your name too. Once you have written out your name, look at each letter and match them to the sequence below. You will put the number under each corresponding letter in your name. For example, put the number 1 under the letter A and so on. Then you will add all the numbers together.

Here are the values for the letters:

For A, J, S use the number 1
For B, K, T, use the number 2
For C, L, U use the number 3
For D, M, V use the number 4
For E, N, W use the number 5
For F, O, X use the number 6
For G, P, Y use the number 7
For H, Q, X use the number 8
For I, R use the number 9

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So if you’re name is Tom Smith for example, you would assign 2 for T, 6 for O, 4 for M and 1 for S, 4 for M, 9 for I, 2 for T, 8 for H. Then you will add up all the numbers and reduce to a single digit except for 11 and 22. In our example we would add 2+6+4+1+4+9+2+8 = 36, then reduce 3+6 = 9.

The Meanings of the Numbers

Once you’ve completed the math, then check out the meaning of your particular name number.

Number 1

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You are a natural born leader. Independent with a pioneering spirit, you are unafraid to take action.

Number 2

You are caring and considerate and relate well to others. You are flexible, adaptable and can cooperate well with groups of people.

Number 3

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You have an artistic flair and a great ability to express yourself. You embrace life and like to socialize.

Number 4

You are both wise and practical. Not one to rush into things, you are concerned with building a solid foundation first.

Number 5

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You have a sense of travel and adventure. Personal freedom is important to you and you may like to test the limits.

Number 6

You are a nurturer who can handle many responsibilities. People often come to you for comfort and guidance.

Number 7

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You have an analytical nature and a love of learning. A perpetual student, you take in knowledge constantly.

Number 8

You have a knack for working your way to the top. Practical and powerful, you are often rewarded materially.

Number 9

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You are a born humanitarian. You often give of yourself and take on many obligations. You also have a creative side.

Number 11

This is a master number with special powers and lessons. You are an idealist and approach things from a higher spiritual perspective.

Number 22

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This is also a master number with special powers and lesson. Considered the master builder, you strive to build a better world through large projects.

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