The number of possible habitable planets is greater than people on Earth

Scientists presented interesting findings to the public. As it turned out, the number of planets on which life can exist in theory is greater than the number of people on Earth.

The universe is incredibly large, so there are definitely planets on which, if not intelligent life, then at least there is primitive life.

In our galaxy alone, there are billions of planets that resemble the Earth in size and rotate around stars like the Sun. Astronomers also found that these planets are in areas that are not too cold or hot, so the birth of organisms there is quite possible.

Scientists using NASA data have found that there are approximately 8.8 billion Earth twins in the Milky Way.

It turns out that the number of possible habitable planets is greater than people on Earth. Such conclusions were made by Jeff Mercy with colleagues from the University of California at Berkeley.

In the future, it will be determined whether the detected planets have an atmosphere.

These conclusions were made after numerous calculations based on information collected and analyzed over four years by the Kepler telescope.

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