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The ninth planet may actually be a dwarf black hole

Experts have been trying to find the ninth planet for quite a long time, but so far their searches have not been crowned with success. Some time ago, there was another suggestion regarding the ninth planet. It may actually turn out to be a small black hole, reports BBC.

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This hypothesis was proposed by James Unwin. It is worth noting that if his hypothesis turns out to be correct, then in this case it will be impossible to fix the radiation of a black hole from our planet.

“All of the evidence for there being an object is gravitational,” says James Unwin, professor of physics at the University of Illinois, Chicago, who first suggested the idea, along with Jakub Scholtz, a postdoctoral researcher from the University of Turin. While we’re most familiar with the idea that planets exert a powerful gravitational pull, “there are other things that can generate it, which are more exotic”, says Unwin.

The only way to learn more about it is to first determine a more accurate location of the object and then send a target mission to it. If all goes well, then the mission will be able not only to fly as close as possible to the black hole, but also enter its orbit.

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This provides an opportunity for humanity to observe the most extreme gravitational environment in the Universe without having to fly billions of kilometers outside the solar system. Or it could happen that a spaceship could fly into a black hole.

But today this is just a hypothesis and there are very few chances that it will soon be officially confirmed. Scientists continue to search for the Ninth Planet and hope that someday they will be able to find it.

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