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The new owner of the cursed British painting: “It’s real”

In August 2023, the first article about a cursed painting of a young girl was published in the British media. Now, this story has continued.

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It all began when a Briton named Zoe Elliott-Brown saw a mysterious painting at the Hastings Advice Representation Center art shop in St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex.

There was a note attached to the painting stating it might be cursed, as a previous customer had returned it, claiming it had ruined her life.

When Zoe showed a photo of the painting to her mother, she seemed spellbound and urged Zoe to purchase it. They hung the painting in their house, and thereafter, Zoe’s mother fell “under the influence of the painting,” experiencing various strange occurrences at home, while even their dog began to growl at the painting. You can read more here.

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Subsequently, Zoe returned the painting to the store, then reclaimed it, and ultimately returned it again. The painting was eventually sold for £1,680 to another buyer, James Kislingbury.

According to Kislingbury, his troubles began when he went to pick up the painting. His car suddenly broke down on the road, and during this mishap, he also injured his collarbone.

Upon bringing the painting to his historical building, a tourist attraction, the large TV in the building suddenly malfunctioned, and the Wi-Fi disappeared.

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His employees also began noticing strange flickering and a mysterious “figure in black clothes.” Consequently, Kislingbury decided to take the painting to his home, where the unsettling incidents persisted.

Initially, Kislingbury’s father-in-law suddenly fell ill, and a previously functional toaster in the kitchen exploded. Following these events, Kislingbury promptly returned the painting to the historical building.

The picture continued its “paranormal activities”. During the period from November to December, two unexpected floods occurred in the basement of this building. According to Kislingbury, nothing like this had ever happened here before, there were only very small leaks.

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“We’re lucky the building is strong enough so the damage wasn’t too severe, but it was a bit unexpected. I know a cynic would say it’s just a coincidence, but given the number of events that continue to happen, I really wonder if there is “Is there more to the picture than meets the eye,” says Kislingbury.

“After I brought the painting to the new location, we kept it wrapped up in the back of our office for a while. For a couple of weeks, no one knew it was there, but staff began reporting sightings of shadowy figures following them.

“One of the employees even said that they kept hearing footsteps behind them, but when they turned around, there was nothing there. And on the day it was put in its place, our TV exploded and there were interruptions in Wi-Fi.”

As a result, Kislingbury decided to call a medium, who, looking at the painting, said that, most likely, the girl in the painting was already dead when the artist painted it. And the artist may have been a spiritualist.

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But despite the strange incidents, Mr. Kislingbury has no plans to part with the “cursed” painting anytime soon. He even hung it in a prominent place in the reception area.

“We’re no strangers to unusual things happening in this historic building – we even have our own plague pits in the basement. We plan to preserve her and hope she can find a happy home here,” he said.

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