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The Mysterious Case of Lerina Garcia Gordo: Woman From a Parallel Universe

What would happen if one day you woke up in a bed different from yours, noticed that your workplace is not the same, and you discover that your partner does not exist?

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This was the supposed experience that a woman named Lerina García lived in 2008, who said that everything explained above was what happened to her.

What began as a normal day, became a series of terrible and disturbing situations of a desperate woman lost in a strange world: our world.

When Lerina García woke up one morning, she realized that the sheets and her pajamas were completely different. She was not able to recognize anything.

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But she ignored everything she was seeing and began her morning routine. But Lerina would soon know that after waking up she entered into another reality. Her life, her past, everything most precious to her, was gone.

As the morning went by she noticed small inconsistencies such as things out of place, certain missing items or items that she hadn’t bought. And it didn’t take long to observe that she was not in her world.

parallel universe

“One day I woke up and I realized that everything was different, nothing spectacular. I woke up in the same year and the day I went to bed, but many things were different. They were small things, but important enough to know that there was a point where everything was different.

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“To be understood, I have been separated from my partner for seven years. We broke up and I started a relationship with a partner in my neighborhood. I know him very well, having been with him for four months. I know his name, surname, address, where he works, his son from another relationship, and where he studies.

Well, that man doesn’t exist anymore. It seemed to have existed before my “jump”, but there is no trace of him. I’ve hired a detective to find him, but he told me that he doesn’t exist,” Lerina explained in her email.

Lerina explained in detail everything she thought she did not recognize. Her car was not the same and although she continued to work in the same company for 20 years, in the same building, she was surprised to learn that her apartment no longer existed.

Her office was now in another apartment in a completely different part of the building. Unable to believe everything she was expierencing, she went to the management department to report that she felt unwell. She turned to the doctor, who subjected her to drug and alcohol tests … everything was OK. In her bag were credit cards, ID, everything.

All reality has disappeared

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According to Lerina, tired of the situation, she visited a psychiatrist and explained everything, absolutely everything. The psychiatrist told her that these were simple hallucinations, that she didn’t have to worry about, but she knew that was not the case.

For Lerina everything was completely new, her ex-boyfriend in this world was with her as if nothing had happened, while Agustin, the boyfriend in her reality, seems to have never existed. He does not live in the apartment he used to live and she could not find his son.

“I swear that everything I am saying is true and that I am very sane. My own family does not remember things like surgery performed on my sister’s shoulder a few months ago. She says she has never had surgery, ” Lerina continued.

Lerina’s drama

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As anyone can imagine, Lerina’s traumatic life in this new world with a partner with whom she broke in the other world caused her severe attacks of stress and depression. She ends her story with a request for help:

“Please, if someone has had a similar experience, please contact me to see what may have happened to me. I can’t find any pathology that matches my experience. For five months I have been reading all the theories I have found and I am convinced that it has been a jump between planes or something, a decision or measure taken that has caused things to change. ”

Are there explanations for these types of cases?

This is the dramatic story of Lerina, which for many was a fiction story, but for others it is a reality. But unfortunately, there is no scientific explanation for any of the described facts.

In this particular case, Lerina would have accessed a “divergent universe”, where life occurs differently between two universes and the actions are different as time passes from that point.

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But there is a second theory, where the two universes maintain certain similarities. Each person in their one universe would have a part in the other universe with their same name, the same ancestry, the same appearance, the same tastes but with a very different personality, like in the case of Lerina García.

But we cannot rule out scientific theory, where some quantum physicists theorize about the existence of an infinity of created universes. Each universe is like an infinite bubble of new universes, unlimited new bubbles. Time does not exist. Instead, everything is eternity now.

As certain scientists explain, multiverses are vibrating at different speeds and some parallel worlds literally overlap our reality. Physicists have also had glimpses of these other realities in experiments in which the sub-atomic particles “went out” of their own existence and then reappeared.

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This surprising discovery can be because they are jumping in dimensions, or actually traveling between multiverses, nobody knows for sure. Finally, quantum theory and string theory recognize a symbiotic relationship between cognitive consciousness and the universe.

In essence, a universe cannot really exist unless the mind perceives it. The mind influences the quanta and the quantum influences of the mind. It is a two-way street.

But leaving aside scientific theories, there are more cases like Lerina, which suggests that we should have a more open mind. As always, everyone must draw their own conclusions…

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    Now mind you me and my two sisters grew up with that. My older sister I have not been in contact with each other yet but my daughter remembered me saying that. So, and this sounds unbelievable, my first love had died and I did not know for over a year but as soon as I found out I contacted him through my conscience and he has been with me over six months now. But since I made contact with him, many weird things are happening now. I am a virgo, born in the year 1962 and I am a water tiger. From September 1 – August 31 I am a water tiger. This is the time when I am affected. I am chaos, upheavel, hell I am a trainwreck waiting to happen. I can read minds through feeling the energy. It is stronger now. Unbelievable things are happening to me, now. Maybe you,
    Steffie, can find a way to find me now.

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