The months in which people die most often, study finds

Scientists have done a great job: they studied deaths in the United States from 1980 to 2016. As a result, a number of patterns were determined, for example, that in summer, mortality among elderly citizens decreases, and in winter increases.

The most frequent cases of deaths over the age of 35-45 occurred in December, January and February, the lowest number of deaths was recorded in June, July and August.

People aged 65-74 years more often left our world in February, the reason is acute respiratory infections.

Similar studies were carried out by Swedish cardiologists, they were looking for a relationship between a decrease in temperature in the wintertime and an increase in heart attacks. As it turned out, cold causes vasoconstriction.

Interestingly, the mortality rate in the cold little depends on age – everyone can suffer.

The death of young people is most often associated with serious injuries, from which none of us are safe. Such injuries usually occur in the summer.

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