The Milky Way is full of planets with oceans and continents, just like on Earth

The latest research by specialists has shown that water may be present on the planet even during its formation.

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Astronomers have been studying our Universe for a long time and are trying to find traces of alien civilizations. But a prerequisite for the existence of life is the presence of water on the planet.

Previously, this seemed like a fantasy, because it was believed that planets similar to the Earth can receive water only after a collision with an ice asteroid.

Experts from the University of Copenhagen have found that water may be present on the planet at the time of its formation. Moreover, this applies not only to our planet, but also to Mars with Venus.

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Anders Johansen added that the water molecule is quite common, so this assumption can be applied to any of the planets in the Milky Way.

During the study, a special computer model was used, which showed how quickly planets are formed in the galaxy and what building blocks are needed for this.

The study showed that ice and carbon take part in the formation of the planet, the particles of which do not exceed 1 millimeter. Experts concluded that all planets can form from the same building blocks, so each may well have water initially.

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