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The Many Reasons to Learn Reiki

reikiYou may or may not be familiar with Reiki, but it is a wonderful healing modality for body, mind and spirit. Pronounced ray-key, this complimentary and alternative healing method was developed by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan during the 1920’s.

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It works with universal life force energy known as chi or ki. While receiving a Reiki treatment is a fabulous experience, learning this art can provide a host of personal benefits. Here are just some of the many reasons to learn Reiki for yourself.

You Can Help Heal Yourself

One of the best reasons to learn Reiki is for self-healing. When you are unable to see a Reiki practitioner you can use Reiki techniques on yourself. Imagine how convenient it would be to use universal life force energy whenever you wanted in order to ease pain and facilitate healing for yourself.

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If you are suffering from an acute or even a chronic illness, practicing Reiki on yourself can stimulate your body’s natural immune response. And Reiki isn’t limited to physical ailments. It can help you relieve stress and anxiety.

You Can Help Heal Others

Learning Reiki can give you the power to help heal others. Have you ever felt helpless when a friend or family member took ill? Didn’t you wish there was something you could do to make them feel better?

Aside from tender loving care and sympathy, administering a Reiki treatment can help them heal more quickly. Using Reiki benefits you both. Not only will your loved one feel better, you will feel better knowing you could help on a deeper level.

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You Can Help Heal Situations

The universal life force energy channeled through Reiki can heal situations as well as people. Are you worried about the outcome of a stressful situation or meeting?

You can use Reiki to send healing energy to an event before it happens, thus ensuring the best possible outcome. You can also heal present time problems and even issues from the past as well as past lives.

You Can Help Manage Your Emotions

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Learning Reiki is more than just learning the laying on of hands and procedures. When studying Reiki you will learn about being in the present moment and engaging in mindfulness.

This will help you better manage emotions like anger, fear and worry. Reiki helps to calm and balance you.

You Develop a Deeper Sense of Ethics

As you learn Reiki you will study the Five Principles. These are simple ethical guidelines to enhance your daily life.

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You will develop diligence and strive for greater awareness of your behavior towards the world. You will experience and demonstrate more gratitude and kindness towards others while releasing anger and worry.

You Develop a Deeper Connection with Spirit

Learning Reiki helps foster a deeper connection with Spirit. When you actually feel universal life force energy coming out of your hands, it’s truly an amazing experience. It helps you realize the power of Spirit coursing through your veins.

Working as a conduit of this spiritual power, you begin to realize how much you share with the Divine. Even if you are not actively using Reiki in a healing session, you are still attuned to this might energy and are always a part of the Spirit. Reiki reinforces this connection and will also boost your intuition and psychic abilities.

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It’s Easy to Learn and Anyone Can Do It

Many people avoid learning Reiki because they think it’s complicated or time consuming, when in reality it’s neither. Learning Reiki requires reading and practicing simple lessons from a Reiki Master or teacher.

You will also learn symbols and receive attunements that enable you to use this universal life force. Reiki is often taught in a quick, easy and fun weekend workshops.

So if you’ve been curious about learning Reiki, consider all these wonderful reasons and go for it!

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