Candle magick

The Magick of Color and Candles

Candle magickThe magick of color is very evident in the use of candles during rituals and spells. Each color has its own vibration, and so its own magickal properties.

The color of a candle has a significant effect on the spell or ritual that is being performed in magick. This means that before casting any spells or performing any type of magick, especially candle magick, the color of the candles should be chosen very carefully.

The Effect of Color on Humans

Science tells us that each color of light vibrates on its own frequency, and magick dictates that each individual frequency attracts certain attributes. This can be seen easily enough in every day life. Hospitals, for example, never paint their walls black. Instead, they use calming shades of blue, pink, and green.

The choices humans make everyday often reflect the power of color. Someone who is feeling a little depressed may choose a shade of gray or black, perhaps even blue (the term ‘feeling blue’ didn’t just come out of nowhere).

Bright yellow, seen by many as a happy color, is often worn by those who are feeling at their happiest. Red and purple make people feel powerful. These are not hard and fast rules, but they do offer an insight into why certain people choose particular colors.

Candle Color Properties

Each candle color is considered to have its own magickal properties. Some of these can be found below:

White: meditation, consecration rituals, initiation rituals, exorcism, divination, healing, truth, peace, innocence, clairvoyance, spirituality

Silver: get rid of negativity, encourage stability, initiation rituals, divination, lunar energy, the Goddess

Pink: Love, friendship, innocence, femininity

Red: Fertility, sex, passion, love, health, physical strength, anger, will, courage, leadership

Orange: stimulation of energy

Yellow: confidence, happiness, attraction, charm, persuasion

Gold: attracting the power of the cosmos, solar energy, the God

Green: fertility, success, luck, money, prosperity, ambition, also counteracts greed and jealousy, physical healing

Blue: honor, loyalty, peace, truth, tranquility, wisdom, astral travel, prophetic dreaming, protection during sleep, energy healing

Purple: psychic or magickal power, healing involving power and the aura, success, independence, protection of the home

Brown: location of lost objects, improve concentration, telepathy, protection of pets and familiars

Gray: neutralize negative influences

Black: meditation, banishing evil or negativity, reversing spells

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the color you would like. In this case, simply use white. Consider it the multi-purpose candle.

Sabbat Candle Colors

In addition to general properties, candle colors also correspond with the pagan Sabbats. Some of these are mentioned in the chart below:

Samhain: black, orange, flame colors

Winter Solstice: red, green, white

Imbolc: red, white, pink

Spring Equinox: green, yellow, pastel colors

Beltane: green, rainbow colors

Summer Solstice: bright green, blue

Lughnasadh: dark green, yellow, orange

Autumn Equinox: orange, yellow, brown

Astrological Candle Colors

Each of the twelve astrological signs, from Aries through Pisces, is ruled by its own color. When casting any zodiac-related spells, it is important that the candle color be correct.

Ares: red

Taurus: green

Gemini: yellow or silver

Cancer: white

Leo: gold or yellow

Virgo: gray

Libra: royal blue

Scorpio: black or red

Sagittarius: dark blue or purple

Capricorn: black or dark brown

Aquarius: light blue

Pisces: aquamarine

Daily Colors

Finally, each day of the week is associated with a particular color. So, a spell performed on a certain day may benefit from a candle of the appropriate color.

Sunday: yellow

Monday: white

Tuesday: red

Wednesday: purple

Thursday: blue

Friday: green

Saturday: black

These colors are not necessarily a hard and fast rule. Each individual color may awaken a different sensation than that ones mentioned here. This is fine. Ultimately, each individual must decide which color is best suited for their own purpose, depending on their own personal feelings.

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